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Advanced Anxiety and Stress Formula
Advanced Anxiety Treatment and Stress Relief Formula
Revolutionary Natural Calming Pill
  • Fast Acting Anxiety & Stress Relief
  • Sooth Your Nerves
  • Chemical Imbalance Correction
  •  Enjoy Calm Restful Sleep
  •  Supercharge Happy Hormones
  •  Natural Stress Release 
Instant Calm and Natural Stress Relief
Intuitive Balance May Help You...
  • Feel better all day long
  • Keep you relaxed during stressful situations
  • Decrease stress long-term and increase overall health
  •  Have a clean and well balanced mind
  •  Reduce stress and increase your happiness
 Key Happy Hormones
Intuitive Balance simultaneously stimulates important aspects of the brain that regulate mood, attitude, hormones, and general well being.

Calm and Relaxed Mood

Intuitive Balance boosts seratonin levels so you can be calm and poised as you take on each day.

Enjoy Tranquility

Intuitive Balance restores the delicate brain chemistry balance to combat the physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety so you can feel serenity and tranquility. 

Positive Mood and Relaxation

Life looks lighter and brighter because Intuitive Balance designed to correct stress-causing imbalances while providing immediate herbal calming.

Full Night's Sleep

Nothing is more important than a good night's sleep. With Intuitive Balance you can relax during the day and ease into sleep quickly at night. 
Intuitive Balance is an anti-anxiety supplement that provides a layer of protection, like a shield, to help you conquer those little battles throughout your day.
Intuitive Balance Dissolves Your Anxiety
Intuitive Balance is a 100% natural water-soluble blend of supplements that quickly boosts GABA levels in the brain, supercharges serotonin, and supports hormonal brain function. It balances brain function so you can relax and enjoy your life. 
Intuitive Balance ingredients are proven to support: 
  • Calm and Well being
  •  Healthy Hormonal Brain Function
  •  Stress Relief
  •  Mood Boosting
  •  Anxiety Relief
Enhance Your
Emotional State
Calm, Cool, and Collected
In Any Situation
Powerful Herbs Deliver Holistic Results
The Golden Root
Rhodiola rosea (R. rosea), also known as “golden root,” is an adaptogenic herb with tremendous fat-burning, energy-enhancing and brain-boosting power. Adaptogens including rhodiola are a group of plants that can help your body adapt to physical, chemical, and environmental stress.
  •  Strengthens the Nervous System
  •  Aids in Weight Reduction
  •  Fights Depression
  •  Enhances Memory
  •  Toughens Immunity
  •  Increases Sexual Function
Withania Somnifera
Also known as withania somnifera, Ashwagandha has been used in natural healing for over 3000 years to relieve stress, increase energy levels and improve concentration.
  •  Eases Arthritic Pain
  •  Relieves Constipation
  •  Appeases Gastrointestinal Issues
  •  Moderates Type II Diabetes
  •  Alleviates High Levels of Stress
  •  Improves Memory Loss
German Chamomile
Alles Zutraut
This herb is referred to by the Germans as "alles zutraut"
meaning capable of anything because of it's many healing properties. 
  •  A Natural Cleanser
  •  Accelerates Healing
  •  Works as a Natural Skin Bleach
  •  Soothes Skin Irritations
  •  Fights Against Acne
Lemon Blam
Powerful Antioxidant
Lemon Balm is loaded with antioxidants with proven antiviral properties that protect cells from free radicals. Just a small amount of this elixir leaves you feeling revitalized. 
  •  Eases Arthritic Pain
  •  Improves Skin Appearance
  •  Calms the Mind
  •  Moderates Type II Diabetes
  •  Encourages Restful Sleep
  •  Supports the Liver
Why Choose Intuitive Balance?
Feel Better, Naturally - Anxious thoughts have effects throughout your mind and change the way you think. With Intuitive Balance you will think more positive thoughts which has an affect on your whole being. 
Stress Reliever - Many of our customers say it works like a miracle because they begin to feel like themselves again after just 3 days of taking Intuitive Balance.  
Help Anxiety - Take Intuitive Balance daily to help your anxiety and also help you sleep better. You will love Intuitive Balance as you feel relief from the "panicy" feeling. You will see that it helps you so much. 
How Does Intuitive Balance Measure Up?
This is What Very Satisfied Customers
Have to Say About Intuitive Balance 

It gives you a calming sensation and helps out with your anxiety.

Holly Jones, PA

It helps me settle down and focus on what needs to be done at work and also I've been sleeping better...

Robert Wilder, FL

I have been taking Intuitive Balance for a couple of weeks and feel less anxiety and stress throughout my day. Helps me worry less which lets me focus and get more work done. I highly recommend it. 

Jeremy Martin, Florida

I love Intuitive Balance it helps me feel calm and collected. 

Kale Stevenson, Florida
Powerful Anxiety Reducing Bonuses With Your Order
From Social Anxiety To Social Butterfly In 90 Days
($97 Value)
You can take control of your social life. All that’s required is a plan and commitment. In the next 90 days you can have a social life that would make anyone jealous.
  •  PDF Download
Depression And Anxiety -
 7 Coping Strategies That Work
($47 Value)
You can begin using these coping strategies today! All of them require that you take some action, but they’ll also help you work your way out of your nightmare of depression and anxiety.

Integrate them into your daily routines now, and soon you’ll realize that you (not your depression!) are back in control of your life!
  •  PDF Download
Mindfulness For Anxiety Action Guide
($27 Value)
You can take control of your social life. All that’s required is a plan and commitment. In the next 90 days you can have a social life that would make anyone jealous.
  •  PDF Download
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Is there an effective herbal treatment for anxiety?
Source: WebMd.com 
Answers from Brent A. Bauer, M.D.

"Several herbal remedies have been studied as a treatment for anxiety, but more research is needed to understand the risks and benefits. Here's what we know — and don't know:

Chamomile. Limited data shows that short-term use of chamomile is generally considered safe and can be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety. But chamomile can increase the risk of bleeding when used with blood-thinning drugs. Use of chamomile can cause allergic reactions in some people who are sensitive to the family of plants that includes chamomile. Other members of this family are ragweed, marigolds, daisies and chrysanthemums.

Lavender. Some evidence suggests that oral lavender or aromatherapy with lavender can reduce anxiety; however, evidence is preliminary and limited. Oral lavender can cause constipation and headaches. It can also increase appetite, increase the sedative effect of other medications and supplements, and cause low blood pressure.

Lemon balm. Preliminary research shows lemon balm can reduce some symptoms of anxiety, such as nervousness and excitability. Lemon balm is generally well-tolerated and considered safe for short-term use, but can cause nausea and abdominal pain."

"If you're considering taking any herbal supplement as a treatment for anxiety, talk to your doctor first, especially if you take other medications. The interaction of some herbal supplements and certain medications can cause serious side effects.

Some herbal supplements taken for anxiety can cause you to feel sleepy, so they may not be safe to take when driving or doing dangerous tasks. Your doctor can help you understand possible risks and benefits if you choose to try an herbal supplement.

If your anxiety is interfering with daily activities, talk with your doctor. More-serious forms of anxiety generally need medical treatment or psychological counseling (psychotherapy) for symptoms to improve."

Brent A. Bauer, M.D.
We know anxiety and depression can be overwhelming. More than anything we want you to know from the bottom of our hearts there is hope. Don't ever let go of that. Things will get better. You have infinite worth and potential. You are loved. The world needs your beauty. You will get through this. 
Somehow, someway, it will work out. 

All our love,  - the Intuitive Balance team 

If you or a loved one are struggling with suicidal thoughts please get help. Speak with a professional.

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